Please see below the wonderful reviews from our past customers

    positive review  What can I say – an absolute professional. I trusted the Teddy Bear Nurse with my very precious 60 year old bear which I received from my late Mother and Father for my first birthday . Not only did she restore him in the most sensitive way but she also made him a waistcoat out of my Dads shirt and through my comments on other bears she observed what I like and made him some trousers, she also ordered him a new music box with the original lullaby . It was very emotional when I heard him play Rock a Bye Baby as he hadn’t played it for years . To say I’m over the moon is an understatement. I just can’t recommend or thank her enough. ❤️

    Andrea Wilshaw Avatar Andrea Wilshaw
    July 9, 2024

    positive review  The Teddy Bear Nurse came highly recommended from an antique teddy restorer, as she wasn’t able to help me. From the minute I made contact with The Teddy Bear Nurse, she was helpful and completely understood that I wanted a sympathetic restoration of a much loved teddy. She carried out the work extremely quickly and I was amazed at what she had been able to do, keeping many of the orginal and previous home repair features. Thank you so much

    Jenny Allen Avatar Jenny Allen
    May 16, 2024

    positive review  I sent my beloved teddy bear off to see if anything could be done to save her. she was a freebie in the 80’s, so nothing like a Stieff or a classic collectors bear. just a very well loved companion, full of holes, not so fluffy and in desperate need of a full bath! I’d previously been told by other restorers to just put her in a babygrow, as she was too fragile to be repaired. However my mum encouraged me to contact The Teddy Bear Nurse after having her highly recommended on a craft page she follows on FB. I posted her, along with her twin bear, who looks a lot more normal with all of his fluff, so she knew what she should look like. I received regular updates in writing and photographs. Everything was double checked with me to ensure I was happy with what actions were being taken. I was given a very fair quote and even though I paid the top end, I still don’t feel I was charged enough for the amount of work that was put into her. She’s arrived home today with her pal and a brand new friend (another blue bear 💙) with care instructions, her old patches and a list of what has been done to restore her. I cannot recommend The Teddy Bear Nurse enough. so much love, care and attention has been put into the restoration of my beloved ‘freebie’ bear and consideration to my personal desires too. I would not hesitate to use her again, should the need arise. If I could leave 100 stars, I would.

    Rach Malaney Avatar Rach Malaney
    April 26, 2024

    positive review  I sent 2 teddies who are about 46 years old and well loved to the Teddy bear nurse for help. The music box and growl no longer worked. they were threadbare and weary worn, very sad to see. However the TBNurse cured them! giving them a new music box and a growl box. a lot of TLC and cleaning plus new outfits to protect their failing fur. They arrived home today and I’m really impressed by how well they look, I’m thoroughly delighted with the work completed by the TBnurse. 100% recommend to anyone considering fixing their old teddies! Many thanks 😊

    Liz Pollard Avatar Liz Pollard
    April 25, 2024

    positive review  Needed my old bear repaired after many years of being loved a bit too much!! Lucie was very professional with great communication from start to finish. She looked after growler like he was one of her own, and even sent him back with a little friend of his own. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to help anyone who’s bear needs help!!

    Cheryl Flanagan Avatar Cheryl Flanagan
    March 31, 2024

    positive review  Super pleased with Lucie’s restoration skills & professionalism. Amazing work & talked me through everything from start to finish. Excellent in every way. Thank you so much 😊

    Sallylouise Jones Avatar Sallylouise Jones
    March 21, 2024

    positive review  Fabulous service provided by The Teddy Bear Nurse. I needed a VERY old bear reinforced so that he could continue to be loved for years to come and she did just that. Checked in with me every step of the way so as not to make any alterations I may not be happy with and advised me when I was unsure of something. Absolutely wonderful and I wholeheartedly recommend using her when needed xxx

    Tam Ashworth Avatar Tam Ashworth
    March 20, 2024

    positive review  Great experience with the Teddy Bear Nurse. Great communication and quick service. And most importantly my bear came back looking tip top! Would definitely recommend:)

    Amy Biggar Avatar Amy Biggar
    February 7, 2024

    positive review  I sent Jemima to be repaired as her neck was hanging off and her face was a bit squashed! She was fixed to perfection, had a spa clean and was re-stuffed. She also had a new dress made especially for her. The Teddy Bear Nurse repaired her so well and kept me updated with her progress, which made me feel like Jemima was special. She even returned with a new teddy friend! I’m absolutely delighted! Thank you!

    Sonia Staker Avatar Sonia Staker
    January 31, 2024

    positive review  I sent two one my 66 year old bear who was in a terrible state..the teddy bear nurse returned him with a little friend called Michael..two one cab now be cuddled again thanks to a very skillful lady..thank you so much

    Sheila Towse Avatar Sheila Towse
    January 19, 2024

    positive review  My Farley went I’m need of some love and attention! He came back looking clean and healthy!! Thank you so much for giving a 33 year old bear some much needed TLC! My daughter is over the moon 🧡

    Sophie Emma Avatar Sophie Emma
    January 10, 2024

    positive review  you are truly one of the gifts to the world, what you achieved for my mum is beyond a miracle. Brumas came home full of love and atleast another life time of love to give. what this has done for my mum is beyond belief. thank you so much.

    Lee Ralph Lawson Avatar Lee Ralph Lawson
    December 25, 2023

    positive review  My 64 year old Chiltern bear needed a new foot pad, leg joint, new squeaker and a good clean. Lucie is amazing. She kept me up to date with his progress and with photos too. She is a very professional lady who is passionate about her work. I would highly recommend her, especially her work on antique and vintage toys. Thank you so much Lucie.

    Penny Clarke Avatar Penny Clarke
    December 15, 2023

    positive review  I sent my very precious life long companion to The Teddy Nurse as he needed a little tlc. After a very round about journey and much stress at this end ( a mix up with post code!) he safetly arrived for his spruce up. He is now home and looking fresh as a daisy. The TBN and all her helpers couldn’t of been nicer or more helpful. They kept in touch throughout the process and Teddy is clean, minus holes and smells lovely. He also has his smile back and his nose, ready for many more cuddles x I would not hesitate to recommend The Teddy Bear nurse xx

    Fiona Flett Avatar Fiona Flett
    October 24, 2023

    positive review  I sent my dog Lassie to the Teddy Bear Nurse…he is 67 and had seen better days. But The Teddy Bear Nurse brought him back to life for me…he looks amazing…never to be locked away again…she kept me up to date all the time and such a reasonable price..wish I had got him done sooner x

    Jean Trainor Avatar Jean Trainor
    October 17, 2023

    positive review  Absolutely marvelous nurse and wonderful staff too. Brilliant at restoring my old chiltern back to perfect hugging 🥰 Thankyou so much to Matron, Florence and Dr Bearington – and I suppose there were a few others who helped with my Francine!

    Ophie Lazzari Avatar Ophie Lazzari
    October 6, 2023

    positive review  After an emergency message to the teddy bear nurse, 2 of my childhood bears were sent straight on their way to her for treatment. The bears were in an awful state with mould, moth eaten and damp. She worked her magic, sending me lots of updates along the way, and has restored them back to how I remember them (with just a few extra scars to tell their tale). Thank you!

    Grace Farrell Avatar Grace Farrell
    September 22, 2023

    positive review  Wow, what a pleasant experience, friendly service and overall genuine person. I sent Bigglesworth, a much loved 23yr old comfort stuffy. He had seen better days, he was floppy and damaged from years of love and in desperate need of a refresh. Nurse suggested a Welsh Spa (half refresh / half restoration), I’ll admit at first I was skeptical as Biggles means a lot to me and I rarely trust anyone with him. But The Teddy Bear Nurse was great, she talked me through everything she did to Biggles, showed me different options for repairs and was generally patient and kind. Overall she did a superb job at restoring my Teddy, in a reasonable time frame at a reasonable price too. I cannot recommend The Teddy Bear Nurse enough.

    Annie Beadle Avatar Annie Beadle
    September 1, 2023

    positive review  Ted was all set for the bonfire but now looks great. New filling, new joints repaired arms and legs and new ears with bell inside. love Charley bear who came with Ted.

    Pat Langley Avatar Pat Langley
    August 22, 2023

    positive review  Thank you so much for restoring my panda of 60’yrs love him so much 🥰❤️🥰💩

    Carol Ashbrook Avatar Carol Ashbrook
    August 15, 2023

    positive review  Wow, what a service. We had operation Piglet. A loved Teddy, had seen better days. Piglet has been with her since been in an incubator at birth. Born prem at 23 weeks. So he is a very special teddy. My daughter explained how she would like him fixing and that’s exactly what happens came back like new, but with all the old parts that she wanted to stay. Can’t say thank you enough.

    Jon Dale Avatar Jon Dale
    August 11, 2023

    positive review  A superb job repairing my wife’s 100+ Teddy, in double quick time at a reasonable price too. I cannot recommend The Teddy Bear Nurse enough. Great job, great price. THANKS.

    Bob Marshall Avatar Bob Marshall
    July 26, 2023

    positive review  From the moment I saw Celeste bear I knew she had to come home to my bear collection. Everything about purchasing was straightforward and delivery so quick. Every care was taken to ensure Celeste would be safe on her long journey to Scotland. thank you Teddy Bear Nurse for entrusting her to my home xxx

    Margaret Walker Avatar Margaret Walker
    July 14, 2023

    positive review  I thought my teddy was beyond repair. he was threadbare ..his straw was rotten and he was a grubby brown colour . he went to the nurse and she made him look amazing.I even shed a tear! the care she gave him was amazing ! the repairs are fantastic. .Good for another 60 years! quick service and a fantastic price ! Highly recommend!

    Kay Butterworth Avatar Kay Butterworth
    May 10, 2023

    positive review  l was so worried to part with my bear, but knew l had to as he was in a sorry state. He had been by my side 64 years. From the first day I was reassured by the Teddy bear nurse, informed of every stage. My Teddy has been restored, cleaned, new eyes, new paws and a new music box to enable him to once again play Brahms lullaby. Ted arrived home safely with a little friend!! a lovely gesture. Thanks so much the Teddy bear nurse and all your furry helpers. Can recommend highly. Thankyou Eileen and Ted.xx

    Eileen Webster Avatar Eileen Webster
    May 6, 2023

    positive review  The Teddy Nurse has done an amazing job on my 47 year old childhood teddy bear and his 25 year old teddy dog Cadbury. Cadbury had a eye missing, the Teddy Nurse gave him 2 new eyes which looked as good as new. Cosmic had toxic stuffing his body was thin and holes appearing. The Teddy Nurse took Cosmics stuffing out, lined his inside, re stuffed him, washed him & fluffed his fur up. He looks amazing, so solid to hold. I had fantastic communication with Teddy Nurse. She went over and above my expectations. Both boys came home with a new outfit, & a message of care advice. I would definitely use her again and highly recommend the Teddy Nurse, Nurse Florence and Doctor Teddington. Your a brilliant, caring team. ❤️

    Nigel Daf Davenhill Avatar Nigel Daf Davenhill
    April 30, 2023

    positive review  I really can’t express what an amazing service this is. Such care and attention to my much loved bears – you can really trust that their character will be kept throughout their stay at “hospital “ and really wonderful communication about their history and construction as well. She even recorded the sound of the new “growler” so he’d sound the same as I remembered from years ago. Plus some beautiful new clothes to protect them both, all hand knitted. Would recommend wholeheartedly! Absolutely first class 😊

    Rebecka Blenntoft Avatar Rebecka Blenntoft
    April 12, 2023

    positive review  Fantastic repair and restoration of a 40 year old bear, I was kept informed of progress throughout the restoration. He arrived home today with a little friend.

    Marlane Buller Avatar Marlane Buller
    April 4, 2023

    positive review  Thank you so much to The Teddy Bear Nurse for restoring my childhood ragdoll Jamima to her former glory. I am amazed at your skill, as well as the kindness and compassion you put into your work, with the colour coordinating heart you put inside with the new stuffing. So thoughtful. I will definitely recommend you to anyone else thinking of getting one of their childhood bears or dolls restored.

    Sue Newson Avatar Sue Newson
    March 25, 2023

    positive review  I adopted a beautiful little restored bear, i love him. He even came with a surprise friend! What you do is marvellous, thank you 💕

    Kirsty Rain Avatar Kirsty Rain
    March 14, 2023

    positive review  Wonderful Teddy Bear 🧸 and a very helpful person👍🏻 Thankyou 🙏🏻 for Sidney (aka Big Ted) 💚🧸💚 Jeremy (left of this picture) is really happy with the arrival of Big Ted and the little bear too!🙏🏻🧸

    Lorna Flossie Avatar Lorna Flossie
    March 9, 2023

    positive review  My 53 year old bear is themost important thing in my life as well as my family , he was restored and came home with a new outfit and a friend, highly recommend her to restore your bears excellent communication and done 100% don’t hesitate in sending your in.

    Maria Louisa Elms Avatar Maria Louisa Elms
    March 4, 2023

    positive review  I can’t thank The Teddy Bear Nurse enough for restoring my 60+ old bear called “Cuddles” he looks absolutely amazing! I got him back looking very dapper, he’s never worn clothes before. 😂 when I was picking him up I took an unplanned casualty in to her, he was donated to Hospice Charity shop that I work in. He’s a Suki bear and very handsome but his leg was off completely out of the socked (which turned out to be broken) The Nurse asked me to leave him and go and get a coffee and give her 1hr to attend to him…..she fixed his leg and even gave him a brush & tidy. I would give this ladies 5⭐️. She’s a fairy godmother to any bear that needs attention!

    Zena Walford Avatar Zena Walford
    February 18, 2023

    positive review  i sent this angel my sons bear that his brother broke and she has done an amazing job he looks like he used to and even sent my son another teddy, he is so happy and over the moon. also took less than a week from sending teddy to getting him back so fast and efficient thank you so much you took a very heartbreaking and stressful experience and made it an amazing happy and joyfully experience. 100% will be recommending you to friends and family and will definitely be using your services again 😇🙌🖤❤️

    Zara Peters Avatar Zara Peters
    January 24, 2023

    positive review  Gordon is a bear from a military background and became a double amputee following contact with the OC’s Jack Russell. He’s a limited edition, laying down kind of bear. I didn’t think much could be done for him, his arm fur was in shreds, pads missing/in tatters BUT The Teddy Bear Nurse came to the rescue – did an amazing job repairing him, his ‘scars’ are invisible and he is back to his former self. He returned home with a little friend, to keep an eye on him during his recovery. I really can’t recommend the TBN enough – amazing talent. (Before and after photos included)

    Terri Davidson Avatar Terri Davidson
    January 20, 2023

    positive review  The Teddy Bear nurse did a great job on my daughters two bears. She’s had them for over 10 years. They were pretty empty, pretty grubby and in need of some TLC. She kept us updated as they were being done because my daughter was very distressed with them not being in her bed! What a lovely meaningful job!

    Danielle Henry Avatar Danielle Henry
    December 23, 2022

    positive review  The Teddy Bear Nurse did a great job mending a very loved bear for my 12-year-old! She kept us up to date through the whole process and Spare Bear even arrived home with a friend ‘Bear Bear’ which caused much excitement! Thanks so much!

    Debbi Marco Avatar Debbi Marco
    December 5, 2022

    positive review  I contacted them about repairing a unique teddy of mine. we had a couple of hurdles . out of the blue they messaged me and told me they had found another of the teddy randomly in a charity shop and would send to me for face value. honestly a lovely person, so extremely helpful and genuine. cannot recommend them enough.

    Charlie King Avatar Charlie King
    November 21, 2022

    positive review  Oh my goodness what can I say but a massive big thank you from me and my Ted . Amazing transformation he looks about 20 teddy years younger . I was kept well informed of his progress and I was delighted to receive him back looking fab but having not lost any of his charm and original features . Highly recommend Lucie AKA The Teddy Bear Nurse and will def be using her skills again .Before and after pics attached .

    Julia L-Travers Avatar Julia L-Travers
    November 11, 2022

    positive review  Brilliant repair and restoration on my 23/24 year old alien! Can’t thank the teddy bear nurse enough especially as he was her first alien and a tricky customer too boot! 👽🫣🤣 had lovely updates throughout the process and a brilliant story about him that I will treasure 💚💙

    Stephanie Giles Avatar Stephanie Giles
    November 10, 2022

    positive review  Awesome repairs made on many bears by the Teddy bear nurse. Well done clever lady, you have helped so many. 🤗🤗❤️❤️🤩🤩

    Jasmine Williams Avatar Jasmine Williams
    October 6, 2022

    positive review  Highly recommended Lucie and the bears, her attention to detail is magnificent. I believe that this page has had bad reviews due to an awful torrent of lies. I am an advocate for small businesses and the stories behind the Teddy bears is beautiful. You won’t be disappointed 🙂

    Jen Priddle Avatar Jen Priddle
    October 4, 2022

    positive review  I have an antique/vintage shop and I always use The Teddy Bear Nurse for any soft toys I need restoring. She is trustworthy, meticulous in her work and the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    Leigh Purnell Avatar Leigh Purnell
    October 4, 2022

    positive review  The teddy bear nurse took my mums old teddy that I knew and loved from childhood and miraculously made him come to life again with a sympathetic restoration. We can appreciate him again for many years. Thank you lucie.

    Tracey Roberts Avatar Tracey Roberts
    October 4, 2022

    positive review  Highly recommend Lucie. She does amazing work on restoring and repairing teddy bears & soft plush toys sympathetically. Lucie Is fast and efficient. Friendly and is trustworthy. Pleasure to do business with you Lucie ♡ Here’s my Chiltern Cubby bear Lucie restored for me. He’s so sweet!!

    Linda Hobbs Avatar Linda Hobbs
    September 27, 2022

    positive review  Absolutely love buying from the Teddy Bear Nurse. I’ve just received Robbie and Jodrell. Very quick postage and lots of choice. Highly recommended

    Lynne Best Avatar Lynne Best
    September 27, 2022

    positive review  Highly recommended, I sent my daughters special rabbit as It was falling apart. Lucie had it looking amazing and fully communicated with me throughout the process. Thanks again Lucie

    Lynsey Durham Avatar Lynsey Durham
    September 27, 2022

    positive review  Lucie is being harassed and bullied by a self-acclaimed singer (albeit completely off-key) called Kathleen Harris. This is all over Lucie’s request to sing with her partner’s band, which she did so well it upset Kathleen. See her page kathleenharrisofficial where you can see evidence in the shape of posts criticising Lucie. The perpetrator’s equally deranged children, Prestyn Lee Gingell-Harris and Oliver Harris, are now leaving fake reviews on teddy bear restoration sites aimed at Lucie, although this is likely Kathleen herself using their profiles. This lady nor her children have never had a bear restored in their lives and their reviews are fake, aiming at causing harassment and distress to Lucie.

    Fiona VK Avatar Fiona VK
    September 26, 2022

    positive review  Excellent communication and prompt attention at The Teddy Bear nurse. Absolutely thrilled with my bear who needed some TLC after approx 52 years. Thank you so much you’ve done a great job. Alfie says thanks for the Retreat break, he feels years younger!

    Valerie Redding Avatar Valerie Redding
    September 1, 2022

    positive review  I know Lucie personally and I have seen her wonderful restoration workshop. She is amazing and takes so much care and pride in her work. I love going to visit and seeing all the beautiful bears 🐻 she’s restored and the ones waiting patiently for their turn. We’ve also purchased some lovely vintage Teds from her and she’s even blessed my daughter with some free ones. Lovely lady inside and out. You will not be disappointed by her service. ❤️❤️❤️

    Searchy Joanne Avatar Searchy Joanne
    August 27, 2022

    positive review  We are absolutely thrilled with the transformation of our bears Horace and Jim….. The Teddy bear nurse goes above and beyond. Can’t thank her enough and would recommend!!!

    Jenny Bowen Avatar Jenny Bowen
    August 23, 2022

    positive review  teddy bear nurse went above and beyond the lovely personal touches she added to the service was amazing. Highly reccomend very friendly and fast too x

    Missyladyt Slater Avatar Missyladyt Slater
    August 23, 2022

    positive review  Thank you making “Big Ted” just as cuddly as he was 50 years ago. Lucie was extremely quick, reasonably priced and very helpful.

    Susan Barker Avatar Susan Barker
    May 17, 2022

    positive review  We had the best experience with the Teddy Bear Nurse. She managed to fix my fathers teddy and got him back to us in less than a week. He looks amazing an I just cannot wait to give it to him for his birthday!

    Linda Klein Avatar Linda Klein
    May 5, 2022

    positive review  I ordered Freddy, 1950s bear, on 27th April and he arrived on 30th April and in immaculate condition. Wonderful service and highly recommended

    Bernadette Coyne Avatar Bernadette Coyne
    April 30, 2022

    positive review  lovely bear and posted out straight away….would highly recommend 👌

    Janet Morgan Avatar Janet Morgan
    April 23, 2022

    positive review  I really , seriously recommend this service. If you have a teddy or softie that needs a little tlc this is the place to send them. My Wee Ted is 61 and he really needed a spa day so I sent him off for some pampering. He’s come back like a new Ted , ready to face another 60 years of adventures and love! We also adopted his twin,Josh, who seems like he’s going to be a cheeky wee chap. Wee Ted was only gone a few days, super service all round. Thank you from the bottom of my heart,Teddy Bear Nurse.

    Marsha Dee Avatar Marsha Dee
    April 5, 2022

    positive review  An amazing experience with the Team – very pleased with the spa treatment and the very careful care of a treasured companion, totally recommend 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Another supremely successful Welsh spa treatment for a very old and much loved companion, the Team were fantastic, totally recommend another 5 stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you 😊💕😊

    Sarah Palmer Avatar Sarah Palmer
    April 4, 2022

    positive review  Wow wow I’m so delighted by big teddies transformation. Thankyou so much

    Jane Adams Avatar Jane Adams
    March 17, 2022

    positive review  Thankyou so much… what a lovely present from my husband and son to have my childhood teddy looking so fabulous!! I can’t remember when he ever looked so good. Only problem is my son has now stolen him and slept with him every night since we’ve had him back… can I book him in again in another 20-30years?!

    Debbie Biggane Avatar Debbie Biggane
    March 12, 2022

    positive review  Teddy Bear Nurse has given Pooh and Barney their old life back. And sent them home with a stowaway 😀. If anyone needs their teddy rejuvenating Teddy Bear nurse is the person. THANK YOU THANK YOU. 🤗🤗

    Heather-Anne Jefferson Avatar Heather-Anne Jefferson
    March 9, 2022

    positive review  My Ted was covered in tiny holes and was very threadbare and I was very nervous about sending him to be mended. Lucie was so fast and took so much care with him and I’m so thrilled with the results! She’s even made him another suit to wear to protect against any more holes! Thank you Lucie!

    Poppy Redfearn Avatar Poppy Redfearn
    March 6, 2022

    positive review  Our Ted was old, battered and smelly! The Teddy Bear Nurse worked her magic in just ONE DAY and I collected Ted looking brand new, with new eyes, ears and mouth and smelling amazing!! He was supposed to be for the shelf, but my son actually took him to bed that night for a cuddle ❤ Thank You Teddy Bear Nurse!

    Sophie Abrahams Avatar Sophie Abrahams
    February 4, 2022

    positive review  The Teddy Bear Nurse was very understanding about my Daughter’s Emily’s concerns about having to send her teddy bear away. She was also able to guide us on what needed to be done for Teddy to have a long and happy life. Excellent communication throughout. Hippy Daisy was a wonderful surprise and has been very much accepted into the family. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend 🧸💕

    Holly Meredith Avatar Holly Meredith
    January 17, 2022

    positive review  I have just received a very old bear called Maude who has been beautifully resurrected by the teddy bear nurse. The bear, service and even the packaging is first class arriving fully clothed and covered in small hearts. Beautiful! I cannot recommend highly enough. Thank you so much you have made my year!

    Kate Rideout Avatar Kate Rideout
    January 9, 2022

    positive review  The Teddy Bear Nurse brought my childhood bear William back to life. With his head hanging off, his face attacked by moths and half his stuffing missing, he is now back home and sat on my shelf looking good as new 😍 I was kept updated all the way through his spa and treatment, and he was returned with medical notes and after care.. lovely little touch. Thankyou again for bringing him back to life x

    Catherine Mulligan Avatar Catherine Mulligan
    December 22, 2021

    positive review  Lucie did a fantastic job repairing my mums old bear who had a run in with our dog 🙈 She was quick to reply to messages and the turn around was so quick! We had him repaired and back with us in a couple of days. He looks a million times better, but still looks like his old self. Thanks Lucie!

    Wizz Bannan Avatar Wizz Bannan
    December 4, 2021

    positive review  Lucie did a brilliant job of restoring my son’s teddy bear! Most importantly, she was very friendly, reliable and always kept me updated with the progress of the work. It was evident that she is extremely passionate and good at what she does!! Thank you Lucie 😁

    Jon Newbold Avatar Jon Newbold
    December 3, 2021

    positive review  The teddy bear nurse did an excellent job of restoring my bear Tobias. He now has hand and feet, where previously his hands and feet were stitched together due to his pads wearing away. I also found out that he is quite a rare little bear too. Thank you Lucie for giving him a new lease of life. From Ruth and Tobias 🥰

    Ruth McLoughlin Avatar Ruth McLoughlin
    November 29, 2021