💢viewer caution, surgery shots included 💢🤣
The team worked through the night…..captions underneath.

Dr Bearington jn, starts surgery once the patient is deep cleansed, dry and ready for sterile theatre, assisted by Scrub nurse Skunkhound.
Senior consultant Mr Sooty takes over for the facial cosmetic surgical skin grafting part, what’s this? He’s not changed out of his golfing trousers! Scrub Nurse Skunkhound is getting tired now.
Surgery finished, William is now taken to recovery area and the team gather to see him finished.
Hurrah done😁 Dr Bearington jn is falling asleep stood up, scrub Nurse skunkhound is desperate for a roll in some fox poo and a snooze, let her hair down after a long night wprking with demanding doctors.
Ready for home