Late ambulance arrival today.. lol 💢viewer caution💢 lol

The team hasten round, in their new uniforms, as Porter Suzie dog brings in the casualty to Triage….no 8hr wait here!
Of course Bearington jn, doesn’t let anyone else near and checks for signs of life, ‘ Yes team, go go go, this patient needs our help’
Nurse Florence makes notes of the patients details. ‘William’, to make better. ‘Scrub nurse Skunkhound, please go check theatre is free straight away’ commands Dr Bearington jn. Nurse Florence cringes again at his tone….
Resuscitation commences, nurse Florence works on chest compressions, Dr Bearington leans over checks for breath sounds. Desperately holding back the urge to give his ‘kiss of life’. ‘Right that’s good, let’s get him in recovery position team’ Dr Bearington senior commands.
💢!Gruesome, viewer caution!💢 The team roll him into recovery position and shockingly realise he has severe, near decapitation, neck wound! Porter Suzie dog, thinks ‘I’m outta here, not my job, eughhhhh’
Dr Bearington jn, steps up to the plate heroically without thinking, applies pressure onto the pulsing flow of stuffing from the carotid region. ”THEATRE NOW, GO PREP, SCRUB NURSE SKUNKHOUND”….. Will they save William? Watch this space….