Does a bear sh*t in the woods? Matron takes the cubs out for a Welsh adventure…Read on

Matron has decided to take Florence, the cubs and her young son Roddy out for some fresh air and exercise on this wonderful day in the Welsh wilderness.
‘Come on this way, there’s some wild primroses I’d like to see’ says matron.
Roddy thinks ‘how boring, I want to climb, and show off to Tommy cub’…
Roddy stops and encourages Tommy cub to crawl along a branch in his nappy.
‘That’s it Tommy, just a bit higher’ he says to Tommy.
Roddy climbs higher up the oak tree, Florence luckily follows to keep an eye on them a little. Matron looks up not happy.
‘Mum’ says Roddy to Matron, ‘it’s too hot …catch’ he says as he yeets his duffle coat down to her.
‘Up this way Tommy’ Roddy says to Tommy cub
‘Bluughhhtttthh…for goodness sake Roddy’ matron shouts as his duffle coat lands on her face from great height. ‘Get down here now!!’ She commands
‘Muuuuuummmmm, I need a poo urgently’ replies Roddy as he scrambles down quickly.
‘RODDY! FOR GOODNESS SAKE ‘ she shouts remembering now clearly why she thought boarding school was best for him.
Roddy takes himself off into the woods to relieve his bowels…paaarppp
Well I suppose that answers the age old question, ‘does a bear sh*t in the woods?’
On his way back he checks out the babbling Brook and wonders if he can get to the shore and throw stones in.
Matron, Florence and Bindi cub are all looking at the wild primroses when he gets back.
Roddy and Tommy cub are allowed to watch the stream and throw stones in…
‘Watch this Tommy’ Roddy says as he gets a big stone and it splashes into the water ‘ I’m going to find a huge one now Tommy so it can make a big splash and get you, stay there’ Roddy says as he looks around.
But as Roddy is looking for a big stone and the ladies with Bindi cub are checking out the flowers Tommy cub being adventurous crawls out over the boulders in the stream to sit in his own island, but then realises he’s stuck…
‘Waaaaaahhhhh, wahhhhhhh, booooooooo wahhhhh’ Tommy screams.
Roddy hears his crys and scrambles over the boulders to him.
He puts him in his hoodie hood to secure him and makes his way back over the rocks. By this time matron has got to the stream on hearing Tommy cubs cries.
‘But mum, I was saving him, I told him not to move’ Roddy replies rather upset and quiet.
‘Well either way I think we all need to sit to relax now and discuss safety, let’s go have those toffee muffins Florence has made and talk about this says matron.
They sit to relax in the clearing and to enjoy nurse Florence’s baking.
‘Oooh what a lovely spot, look there’s a wild Welsh mountain pony up there on the hill’ says Nurse Florence.
They all turn to look.
But as they do the pony had already smelled the muffins and comes trotting up and puts his muzzle straight in the cakes!
Tommy cub laughs and shows the pony which one he can have.
Matron is exasperated, ‘shoo, shoo, you naughty pony, filthy beast, away!’
Roddy laughs.
Roddy stokes the wild pony rather liking the feel of his velvety muzzle, which has muffin crumbs on now.
‘Mum look at this poor wild pony, its covered in lice, and is obviously very hungry’ says Roddy pointing out the lice while calmly stroking the pony.
‘Can we take him home because he needs looking after?pleeeaaaassseeeee……pleeaasseeee mum?’
Matron sees the calming effect the pony has on Roddy and ponders….