I think its the one you have all been waiting for!

It’s valentines evening and Mr and Mrs bearington senior are having a ‘special’ night in getting re acquainted 😉😉
But……Dr Bearingtons phone rings ‘Dad dad help, I’ve ruptured nurse Florence’s bladder! There’s urine everywhere, she’s in agony in the restaurant’ cries Dr Bearington junior down the phone ‘it’s a total nightmare and this crazy waiter is more worried about his sticky carpets! What do I do?’ ‘Calm down junior, get her straight to theatre the clinic asap, I think I know what’s happening, and tell the waiter to screw his cap back on!’
They all get to theatre. ‘It’s OK Florence, calm down we will look after you’ says Mrs Bearington calmly. ‘Junior, you stay at her head and monitor her breathing, I’m going to check the business end’ says Dr Bearington senior.
‘I’m so so sorry Florence, I LOVE you and didn’t mean to hurt you’ he says with tears In his eyes. Thinking to himself shocked that he had told her he loves her, and wondering why am I still holding her wet knickers? Nurse Florence cannot concentrate, the intense pain is coming and going. ‘Oh Rupert, I should have told you sooner but I was so scared, I’m having your baby after that CPR went too far’ she manages to mumble out in-between contractions crying and panting.
Matron Bearington meanwhile checks the business end with her husband Dr Bearington senior ‘well its not coming out this way very easily, this is obviously her first. I think its going to be a caesarian section, Malcolm’ ‘Hmmmm, I agree’ he says.
Amongst all this nurse Skunkhound is having a sudden career crisis, called in again whilst she was busy styling herself and to this utter mayhem….her mask slips, but she decides to leave it there.
Dr Bearington senior administers a spinal anaesthetic and gets to work
‘Junior come help’ Commands Dr Bearington senior. ‘Omg omg omg….my head is swimming’ I caaannntttt….
‘HOLY flying foxes’ Dr Bearington junior shouts. ‘ Nurse Florence, its a baby cub!!!!’
Bearington senior, wrestles the cub out with skill.
Matron Bearington wraps the cub as the placenta is delivered.
‘Here junior, hold YOUR CUB’ she says, and passes the little cub to him. ‘Ahhhhh ahhh aagghhhhh’ booooof he passes out, luckily nurse Skunkhound is in the way to stop their fall.
‘There there Florence, it’s fine all is good, cub is healthy, but I’m not sure about my son junior though, but then again I never was’ says matron Bearington realising she’s now a nanna, in a calm manner, soothing nurse Florence as Dr Bearington senior stitches up the wound.
Matron gives the cub to Florence as junior lays there stunned. Nurse Skunkhound wants to leave…
All is well