Nurse Florence gets an urgent scan….

Quick break in between casualties. ‘Blimey nurse Florence’ says scrub Nurse Skunkhound ‘ You haven’t half put on weight in the week I’ve not seen you!’ Nurse Florence is taken aback at how rude Skunkhound is ‘maybe your still under the influence of something from ibiza and hallucinating nurse Skunkhound!’ She replies back curtly…
Dr Bearington senior comes into the staff room. ‘Florence I’ve just managed to get a space in the ultra sound scan, finish that and I’ll see you down there’ ‘You will be lucky to see anything through that layer of flab’ thinks scrub Nurse Skunkhound in her head.
Finally they get into the scan room. ‘Keep still nurse Florence, this gel will be a bit cold’ as he switches on the machine.
‘Ahhh I see, just as I thought’ he says as a picture comes into view. He sees cake, ice cream, burgers and sweets. He wonders how he is going to discuss this without offending her.
‘I’ll just check a bit lower, see if your bladder is full….
Hang on……hang on….is that her bladder?!?! as he tries urgently to remember his training as a strange unexpected image appears on the scanner….
‘WHAT? WHAT?…. IVE GOT BLADDER STONES HAVENT I DR BEARINGTON’ Asks nurse Florence in a worried voice. Bearington senior is shocked and speechless as his glasses nearly fall off!
‘ Urrrmmm nurse Florence, I think I’ll let you diagnosed yourself, I’ll turn the screen to you’ he says dismayed……. 🤯🤯🤯🤯