Its the clinics afternoon off, but what’s this an unexpected delivery….Read on.

Humph…hummmppph….Clive the porter is not to happy, he had booked a relaxing afternoon off sniffing lampposts at the local park, yet he got a call from the postal man to collect a delivery.
Matron Clementine Bearington and Dr Malcolm Bearington are enjoying some sunshine in the clinic gardens on their afternoon off. Dr Bearington can feel spring in the air.
‘What’s this? A surprise casualty? No one is booked in today ‘ matron says as she sees poor Clive panting on his way past.
‘Ugghhh, more work’ Dr Bearington thinks, he was hoping to get frisky with his wife matron in the spring bluebells on his afternoon off.
‘Come on Dr Bearington let’s give Clive a hand ‘ matron commands
Nurse Florence and Dr Bearington junior are trying to get the cubs to sleep by rocking them in the hammock, they just wanted half an hour to try and make more wedding plans in peace, when they hear matrons booming voice which stirs the cubs.
‘Come help, you two!’
They all heave the delivery to the clinic
All the Bearingtons gather round. Dr Bearington junior instinctively puts his ear to the box for signs of life, and Tommy cub and Bindi cub copy.
‘There’s a muffed sound, paaarrrp…..I think it was a fart, must be a intestinal issue’ Dr Bearington junior informs them. They quickly open the box.
On the top is a letter, it’s addressed to Matron and Dr Bearington senior (Malcolm and Clemmy)
But before they have got past the first line, a familiar head pops out…
‘Uuurrrm, surprise mum and dad, I’m sort of home early for summer holidays’ cheekily says their son Roderick who was supposed to be at boarding school.
His parents read the letter from Malcolms brother Derek.
But no one can be cross with Rodererck as is seems boarding school didn’t agree with him, and a family hug ensues.
Dr Bearington junior (Rupert) is most happy to see his little brother Roderick, as they used to get up to so much mischief together.
Rodericks Dad, Dr Bearington senior, introduces the cubs to him.
‘You are now an uncle, Roderick, it was a bit of a surprise to your brother finding out he was to become a father, but what do you expect when you have unprotected se….’he trails off thinking this may not be the right time to give Roderick a sex education lesson.
Tommy cub climbs up for a hug from his new uncle, Bindy cub is a little more shy.
Matron calls her husband over.
‘What are we going to do with him, he still needs educating and you know he’s a total pain in the armpit if he’s not kept busy and interested, he is just like Rupert was, we won’t get any patients fixed if he’s here keeping us busy’ she says to him, sounding rather stressed.
‘Urrrmmm …yes dear…’ but then TING ..a light bulb goes off in Dr Bearington seniors head.
‘Lizzie is back from her travels nannying overseas, I saw her the other day, I wonder if we could employ her ?’ He says.
‘Marvelous, let’s call her and schedule an interview’ Matron replies