😍The valentines date😍….Read on

‘Welcome to my doghouse fasionista kennel Dr Bearington’ says scrub Nurse Skunkhound. Smirking to herself on the inside knowing what she has planned.. ‘It’s so kind of you Skunkhound to offer to help me look handsome and desirable for my date with tonight with Nurse Florence.
‘I’ve picked out this outfit for you Dr Bearington, it’s most becoming and suits your character and complexion, I’m sure Nurse Florence will find you highly sexy in that’ chirps Nurse Skunkhound as he puts on the outfit. ‘Are you sure? I’ve never a worn pink onzie and converse before’ he replies.
….ha ha…he’s blooming going for it, my plan is working, what a complete Cockerell head he is….she thinks. ‘Come on Dr Bearington, you are going to be late’ she says to him.
Not long after nurse Florence arrives at the new honey house to find Dr Bearington eagerly waiting. ‘How ultra cute he looks off duty, she thinks, I just want to hug and kiss him, those converse are just so cool’
Dr Bearington thinks Florence looks glowing and absolutely wonderful. He leans towards her, with his onzie riding up his bum crack as they do. ‘I got you this but its not as beautiful as you nurse Florence’ he says, handing her a rosemary. He leans in to give her a kiss but instantly the wedgie gets worse and puts him off balance and falls on her belly….
‘Ooooh, ahhhhh, oooh’ says Nurse Florence, as fluid rushes out from her pants. ‘What the heck is going on here??? Shes incontinent, we don’t have that in this establishment!!!!’ Says pritt annoyed waiter. Dr Bearington is confused. Florence seems to be in pain despite only wetting her knickers.
He panics as he doesn’t like to see her in such pain, plus this crazy waiter is demanding cleaning costs to be added to the bill.
‘Right lie on the table Florence, I’m going to have to remove these wet knickers and see what’s going on. Waiter Pritt is having a fit at this scene, ‘THIS ISNT THIS SORT OF ESTABLISHMENT!!’ he shouts.
‘Stay there nurse Florence, theres only one thing I can do, I’m phoning my dad Dr Bearington senior, I think I have ruptured your bladder with leaning on you’ he says panicking feeling extremely guilty. Let’s get you straight to the clinic…..999.