‼️xxxAdult content xxx‼️ – ‘The kiss of life went a step too far’…

A new casualty arrives on Monday morning, but what’s this ? Dr Bearington jn is distracted still, his mind is not on the patient…..he drifts off into a memory…….
‘Shall we practice our CPR training this evening nurse Florence while the TBN clinic is empty?’ Asks Dr bearington jn. ‘ OK of course’ replies nurse Florence.
He administers his famous kiss of life, but feels a stirring in his belly, ‘ I must be hungry’ he thinks to himself, ‘but for what? Nurse Florence?’ He quickly pulls away and says its her turn to practice resuscitation.
Nurse Florence starts compressions…..Bearingtons mind is in a swim…. nurse Florence’s paws are like a defib on his chest….electric!
She administers her kiss of life, Bearington reaches up to touch her cheek and the kiss deepens, ‘ohhhh florence’ he murmurs ‘hmmmmm Rupert’ she mumbles between breaths….
They botb succumb to wild passion and their built up desires…..’ urgh I can’t quite reach’ says Dr bearington junior
Ahhh ahhhh….your squashing me a bit Florence in a good way
The passion continues….
Dr Bearington quickly springs back from his memory/ fantasy, to the here and now. ‘Did I dream that or was it real, I’m working so many shifts I’m loosing track of reality’ he thinks to himself, as he looks concerned at Florence’s belly. ‘Where is your belt?’ He asks her. “Its too small” she replies 😱