Nurse Florence passes out in theatre…..😵

Wednesday morning surgery, its scrub Nurse Skunkhounds day off so Nurse Florence is assisting Dr Bearington jn this morning.
‘Ahhh, I’ve found one of the problems Nurse florence, let’s remove this old squeaker……scalpel plz’ he says in his ‘hero’ voice, A few seconds pass….’SCALPEL!!!!’ No response…..
‘CHEEEEEESSSUUUSS’ Dr Bearington turns and sees nurse Florence flat out. ‘Dr Bearington senior!!!!’ He shouts concerned ..’HELP!’
Dr Bearington senior rushes in and immediately thinks to himself ‘Nurse Florence looks huge today’..
‘Are you OK nurse Florence? What’s the matter? As he gently puts his paw on her big tight belly….thinks, hmmmmmmmmm ‘I felt a bit feint that’s all’ she replies.
Dr Bearington junior watches in shock and worry. ‘Get on with YOUR, patient junior, I’m going to examine Nurse Florence’
‘I think I’ve seen this before Nurse Florence, I need to listen in to your belly, I think you have been eating too much and have gas and severe constipation’
‘I need to do further tests nurse Florence, urgently, I’ll book you in for an ultra sound scan, see how far up your bowel you are constipated, in the meantime please eat plenty of greens and roughage….get exercise and try to to fart as much as possible. Nurse Florence is confused, ‘I’ve been eating less recently because I’ve got heartburn’ she thinks to herself. Is his diagnosis correct????…