Who has bought size 9.5 trainers??? BIGFOOT 😲….story under pics.

‘Delivery’ calls Scrub nurse Skunkhound
‘Who has ordered trainers in a 9 and a half? Oh I know, There must be a bigfoot ted coming to the clinic for new feet pads’ Dr Bearington jn says. Nurse Florence is becoming clever ‘STOP team, these trainers are alive, I can hear and smell something’ as she listens to the box lid.
They check the ‘trainers’ to see if they will be suitable as paw pads…..but nurse Florence was right! It’s a casualty, and what’s this? A companion!!!!
The healthy companion springs out of the box!! ‘Morning folks, I’m Sock Monkey’ the team are taken aback….
Sock monkey proceeds to bounce about chattering about his journey here and the scandalous stories he heard in the sorting office, he steals dr Bearington seniors spectacles!!!! ‘GIVE ME THOSE BACK!, there are instructions to read!’ Dr Bearington bellows
They gather round to read the referral letter.
In the midst of this sock monkey grabs nurse Florence’s cap! ‘He’s going to cause us problems team’ says Nurse Florence, ‘ shall I call the psychiatrist to get him sectioned?’ As she grabs her cap back.
Dr Bearington jn, focused on the critical patient as ever, administers his ‘kiss of life’ ‘ woof woof growl, grrrrrrrr, that bloody monkey has got my hat’ scrub Nurse Skunkhound moans…..