Saturday out with the lads cut short for Dr Bearington junior…..Read on…

Dr Bearington junior is out with his mates down at the local Spoons and Forks, as he wanted advise from the lads on how to ask his crush out for a valentines date…ever the professional though, he is the designated driver as he is on call….
A call comes in, just when hes telling the lads about a beautiful nurse hes fallen head over paws for…. ‘Oh, Hi Dad’ he says down the phone, its Dr Bearington senior ‘ junior, I need you back at the clinic, we’ve had two casualties arrive on the postal ambulance’ ‘I’m on my way!’ He replies.
Nurse Florence and Skunkhound on duty at the TBN clinic triage the first casualty.
Dr Bearington junior arrives on the scene to triage the second casualty. ‘Stabilise the head, its only hanging on with threads’ he says. Nurse Skunkhound sees an opportunity to get one back…
‘Where are your scrubs!!!’ She snaps at Dr Bearington junior whilst thinking in her head ‘ he went to Spoons and Forks wearing that old man ensemble, no wonder he’s single lol’ ‘Be quiet and go get Lillian monkey asap’ says Nurse Florence to Skunkhound trying to diffuse a tense situation.
Nurse Florence comes to the rescue, here they are, as she helps him, she swoons and oogles at his manly hairy chest, not noticing the lace on his undies thankfully…
‘Thanks again nurse Florence’ says Bearington junior. ‘Let’s get to work’ Trying to stay focused and not on valentines day….
Nurse Skunkhound arrives with Lillian.
‘Your in good hands here Jeffrey’ says Lillian monkey ‘ I had no hands, feet or face when I arrived, look at me now’ ‘Oooh you are beautiful!’ Replies Jeffrey.