Dr Bearington junior is confused today by some square flat sheep….Read on under the pictures

‘Right team, this is an urgent job today, these twins Patch and Spot need sorting and strengthening as they’re weak from so much love, their 11yrs old owner HAS to have them back for bedtime tonight!’ Everyone gets ready…
But then suddenly, the Patch and Spot collapse with sudden nerves!! ‘Oh good lord! Get the resuscitation equipment’ Says Dr Bearington junior, as nurse Florence tries to reassure them that they are in very good hands and nothing will hurt.
Dr Bearington junior cannot help himself but gives his infamous kiss of life as his heroic instinct kicks in and….
Whats this team??they have no body mass under here, what is going on????’ Says Dr bearington jn looking at the underside of the patient trying to find the chest/heart.
‘Nurse Florence help’ Dr Bearington shouts, as she pulls him out as Spot gets stuck on his head. ‘THIS IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!!’ shouts Dr Bearington senior.’ I really hope no one sees this junior! These are special comforters and are like this, you MUST study common anatomy and physiology some more!’
But it all worked out in the end. Patch and Spot got all fixed up even adopted Chloe a fellow Steiff comforter. Dr Bearington jn, as you can see, is sulking though from being shouted at by senior Dr Bearington.