Nurse Skunkhound gets called in on her weekend off….read on…

“Skunky”, as she’s known to her buddies was enjoying a coffee date with her close friends, was having a good bitching session with them about Dr Bearington jn. She had booked in her favourite fox poo all over body scrub after this at the town spa….when suddenly she made the mistake of answering her phone….
‘Please can you get back to the clinic nurse Skunkhound ASAP? We have a bleeder and a general collapse patient just arrived’ says Dr Bearington senior down the phone to her… Nurse Skunkhound rolls her eyes but thinks of the overtime pay andbthe possibility of more designer dog coats.. ‘I’m on my way’ she replies.
‘Where are your scrubs?’ Bearington junior snaps when she gets to the scene in her Jimmy bowwow designer coat. ‘Fgs’ she says in her head, ‘ here we go again, captain hero professional himself Dr Bearington junior is on duty’ rolling her eyes out loud.
He inspects the large gash, and blood seeping out. ‘THEATRE PREP ASAP!’ he commands.
Nurse Florence, tries to bend her secret swelling belly to point out one of the patients faces to her hero Dr Bearington jn. He takes a look..
Twannngggggg …tawanngggggg… slappppp ……his new mask slips! ‘Turn on the lights nurse Florence!’ He says in a panic
Nurse Florence calmly sorts out his mask, Bearington junior just loves her touch and tries not to remember that day of CPR practice and remain professional.
He quickly stands up adjusting himself and distracts himself by getting the equipment