Dr Bearington senior is cross, has someone ordered chocolate to the hospital address….

The team gather round, expecting a nice chocolate treat, maybe a nice thank you gift from a ex patient…..
Dr Bearington jn shouts ‘STOP!’, I can hear a noise, and pokes his head in to check, but Suzie dogs sniffer senses already know, and she jumps on to stop anything from escaping, including Dr Bearington juniors head!
It’s alright Suzie dog’ says Beaington jn, ‘there’s something frail, timid and smelly in here, pull me out’ Suzie dog grabs Bearingtons waistband at great risk of pulling his pants down. Dr Bearington senior is grumbling and Nurse Florence gasps at the chaotic scene, yet again. ‘THIS IS NO WAY TO RUN A PROFESSIONAL MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT!’ SHOUTS Bearington sn.
But then out pops a little shy head head….
He administers his infamous ‘kiss of life’ to the smelly timid beast.
‘It’s OK, there, there’ says nurse Florence as they all realise its not chocolate, it’s a poorly Hungrarian Skunkhound. Dr Bearington senior feels very guilty for shouting….