It’s a big day here, Nurse Florence has recently completed her full training…..captions under photos. Thanks meg Sunderland for your knitting skills.

Suzie dog and Skunkhound come racing in excitedly barking with the post addressed only to Nurse Florence….
Of course Dr Bearington jn, keen as mustard, comes to see what’s going on…
‘STAND BACK!’ he snaps, and eagerly listens for signs of life within the parcel….’ No’ he sadly says, ‘this one unfortunately can’t be saved team, call the mortuary nurse Florence’ Bearington jn is trying to hold back the tears…
But no, good old suzie dog, with her special sniffer senses again rips open the paper! Hurrah!!!! It’s only nurse Florence’s full uniform now that she’s qualified.
‘STAND BACK BEASTS’ dr Bearington jn commands again and turns away trying to shield the dogs eyes from seeing nurse Florence, in a compromising position in her knickers. ‘It’s fine nurse Florence, I’ve done 1 year in obstetrics and gynaecology, seen it all’ Bearington junior informs her. Nurse Florence cringes.
He then insits on ‘helping’ with the bonnet, the Hungrarian Skunkhound taking nearly all his weight whimpers.
It’s on 😁
By this time Dr Bearington senior has awoken from his afternoon nap, luckily missing out on the false diagnosis by Bearington junior, to see if new casualties have arrived.
The team are very proud of Nurse Florence and her dedication to her need to helping others in need.