Nurse Florence needs some time out….

‘I’m going stir crazy Tommy’ she says to her new cub, as she let’s slip his final formal name! ‘ I need your father to step up and give me a break, you are a good cub my beauty so he should manage’.
‘Hello, Dr Bearington junior here, what is your emergency?’ Answers Rupert professionally down the phone. ‘Rupert, its Florence, could you come look after Tommy cub while I go have some time out?’ There’s a long pause. ‘Urrrrm, yes dear’ he replies.
Florence shows Dr Bearington junior how Tommy cub is settled fed and sleepy. ‘It’s fine Florence, I deal with casualties and crisises daily, he will be fine’
Five minutes in after she has left, Dr Bearington is chuckling away watching tock ticks on his phone about joke farting in public. ‘Ppppppaaaaarrrrrppppppp, squelsh’…… ‘Ooh that sounded real’ he thinks, and looks over to Tommy cub who’s thrashing about.
Meanwhile, Nurse Florence is trying to have some time to herself, but can’t stop thinking about Tommy cub and if he’s OK, she resists ringing Rupert by ordering cake.
‘Omg omg omg…Tommy I think you have soiled your nappy, it flipping stinks!’ He says wrestling the nappy off.
‘Blugh bleughhhh bleughhh it’s poo!! What do I dooooo?’ He’s says heaving and wretching atTommy cub, not realising he’s a poet and doesn’t know it. Tommy cub kicks his legs up enjoying the fresh air on his cub parts.
‘Good lord, keep still Tommy, how the hell does this go on?’ He says stressing as Tommy wee sprays a fountain towards Dr Bearington juniors face.’FGS!!!’
‘Mum’, he says ‘please come help, I can’t get this nappy on Tommy cub’ Oh dear Rupert, for goodness sake it’s not rocket science, I’ll be there soon’ matron Bearington replies.
Thank goodness she arrives, the nappy is expertly replaced and Tommy cub is settled back into his cot.
‘Thanks mum, but please don’t tell Florence that I had to call you, you better go quickly before she gets back’ Dr Bearington junior says to her. ‘Hmmmm, I’m not happy about that Rupert, I really think you need to have more time with this cub, I will be taking nurse Florence out myself next time and you WILL have to manage!’