Dr Bearington introduces new tech wizard ‘Lionel’ to the team…Read on…

It’s Lionels first day, a well known local technology wizard, he’s been brought in to create and keep updated a The Teddy Bear Nurse website, it will have adoptions and all update details on it, as you can see he can’t wait to start this task. Dr Bearington senior escorts him to the ‘modern confounded machine’ as he calls it.
Whats this!!! Bearington junior is using it. ‘Haven’t you patients to attend to?’ Says Bearington senior. ‘I’m just doing some urgent clinical research first’ he replies ‘I won’t be long’
‘HOLY FOX SHART!!’ Bearington junior says under his breath, as he sees the prices of designer dog coats that he’s been researching. ‘She is getting paid far too much, unless she has another income I don’t know about?’ He stomps off to check his current casualties.
Lionel gets to work eventually, tutting loudly while clearing all the very ‘interesting’ browsing history on the clinic computer, Jimmy Bowwow, bear gestation dates, find my wellies.com, how to ask my valentine out for a date, xbear and bearhub….
He gets to work, purchases the the website domain name. Theteddybearnurse.com Coming soon!!