Maternity and parental leave is granted, Matron Bearington to the helm! …Read on….

ts Monday morning and matron has dusted off her uniform, and trimmed it up ready due to nurse Florence’s maternity absence. She means business ‘This crazy clinic needs taking control of Malcolm’ she informs Dr Bearington. ‘Urrrm, yes dear’ he has learnt over the years is the best reply to her. ‘I want you to interview the clinic candidates from the job centre please this afternoon’ she tells him. ‘Urrm, yes dear’ he replies.
‘Good morning nurse Skunkhound, you are just the person I wanted to bump into, I’ve decided there’s a new uniform policy, caps must be worn like this one that I’ve got for you’
‘Urgggh!’ Skunkhound says looking at the disgusting old fashioned frilly doily type thing in her paw ‘I’m not wearing that bloody thing’ she thinks in her head, trying to make up a quick excuse.
But before she can Matron puts it on nurse Skunkhounds head.
‘Wtf’ she thinks ‘nooooooo, please, noooo, I look like a hotel maid or waitress’
Then she sees nurse Florence fetching the annoying new surprise cub in for weighing. ‘Please come back soon nurse Florence, it’s going to be flipping awful without you here’ she says to her meaning matron and her impending changes. ‘Oh Skunkhound, that’s so kind of you to say that, I’ll miss you too’ replies Florence, not at all understsnding.
Meanwhile, the attendees from the local job centre arrive to be shown around. Dr Bearington is rather exasperated….