‼️viewer caution ‼️Live scenes from emergency theatre… story underneath. Finished bear ‘ Ferdinand ‘ a 1950/60’s mohair Wendy Boston

The horrific scene last night as postal ambulance left a lifeless body on the clinic doorstep.
Open heart surgery was required straight away, Dr Bearington jn, ever the hero, seen here concentrating on suturing up the chest wall aided by scrub Nurse Skunkhound.
‘ CUT’ junior Dr Bearington snaps at scrub Nurse Skunkhound in a commanding voice. ‘ For goodness sake’, scrub Nurse Skunkhound thinks in her head but in stronger words…bites her tounge.
Straight for rhinoplasty now. ‘ pliers ‘ Commands Dr Bearington at Skunkhound scrub Nurse, ‘ I’d like to use the pliers on something of yours Dr Bearington’ she mutters…..’pardon?’ He says as hes concentrating hard on the job in hand…’I wish nurse Florence was in today to help’ she replies.
Hes done, but ‘ where is nurse Florence?’ Says scrub Nurse Skunkhound. ‘ she’s feeling sick again this morning’ replies senior Dr Bearington. Scrub nurse Skunkhound thinks ‘ hhhmmmmmm, most mornings?’
Big hugs the hero
Bearington junior is not used to this sort of attention, and is very distracted by a thought that just went through his head about nurse Florence………..