Thursday is outpatient clinic day….Read on.

‘Good morning’ says Nurse Skunkhound to Lillian monkey and her ever extending family as they pass.
‘Is the entrance around here to family planning’ Asks Lillian looking at the sign.
‘Yep, to the rear’ replies Nurse Skunkhound.
Dr Bearington senior and Matron Bearington are running the family planning clinic this morning.
Dr Bearington junior is heading to his clinic when he comes across a rather extravagantly dressed patient in dark glasses and her guide dog.
‘Good morning!’ He says as he watches the guide dog lead the patient to the rear.
Unfortunately the guide dog who cant read takes his charge straight into the family planning consultation.
‘Goodness gracious!’ Matron shouts ‘this is confidential’
‘Oh I am sorry says the extravagantly dressed patient, Brutus my guide dog can’t read and I’m blind, could you show us the way to opthalmology if you may?
Meanwhile Dr Bearington junior still on his way to his clinic sees Clive the porter trying to haul in a huge chest of clothes.
‘Good god this is heavy, could you get Lionel and give me a push at all?’ Asks Clive.
HEAVE…..They all pull and push the new patients chest into the clinic
‘Omg omg omg, look at this’ says Nurse Skunkhound excitedly to her sister Skunkpussy.
‘It can’t be? The famous model Bambi du Chanels can It?’ Says Skunkpussy
‘Maybe she’s here for treatment?’ Skunkhound replies
‘We have to meet her and get a selfie with her!’
The new patient and Dr Bearington junior finally arrive at the opthalmology clinic.
‘Good morning, are you Bambi du Chanel?’ Dr Bearington asks.
‘Yes, and this is Brutus my guide dog/bodyguard, I’m wondering if you can help me see again?’
‘Yes of course, let’s take a look’ replies the doctor.
Nurse Florence shows them to to waiting room after their consultation.
The waiting room is a little full.
‘I’ve put your clothes chest on the ward miss’ says Clive the porter to Bambi
‘Thank you’ Bambi replies
Clive gets straight back to work fetching the next love casualty in.