Nurse Skunkhound

Below are posts from out facebook page containing the day to day life of Nurse Skunkhound here at The Teddy Bear Nurse

Alley Car Rescue

Alley cat rescue….Read on… Nurse Skunkhound has taken clinic tech wizard to her sisters Skunkpussys…

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Family Planning

Thursday is outpatient clinic day….Read on. ‘Good morning’ says Nurse Skunkhound to Lillian monkey and…

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‘Stinky’ by name but now not by nature! Child’s naughty puppy attack victim.Wash, restuff, new…

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The Valentines Date

😍The valentines date😍….Read on ‘Welcome to my doghouse fasionista kennel Dr Bearington’ says scrub Nurse…

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Urgent Scan!!!

Nurse Florence gets an urgent scan…. Quick break in between casualties. ‘Blimey nurse Florence’ says…

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Ferdinand Restoration

‼️viewer caution ‼️Live scenes from emergency theatre… story underneath. Finished bear ‘ Ferdinand ‘ a…

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