Everyone is in turmoil… Read on…

It’s a chilled out Sunday in the TBN clinic, some of the team are having a chat in the staff room.
All of a sudden between an in depth conversation about the cleaning soiled bedpans, Nurse Florence turns to Dr Bearington junior. ‘ Are you doing anything tomorrow evening Dr Bearington? There’s a new honey house opened up and I’d like to go, would you come with me?’
But before Dr Bearington junior can get his breath to answer, Dr Bearington senior blusters into the staff room. ‘Good afternoon team, I’ve got a special visitor today, as I know we are going to need help around here when Nurse Florence takes some leave’ Dr Bearington junior looks confused at Florence.
Then in walks Mrs Clementine Bearington. ‘Mum’ calls Junior ‘What a surprise!’ ‘Hello Rupert, I’ve heard you have been busy, and not just with work!! We NEED to talk junior!!’ Dr Bearington junior looks even more confused.
But instigates a family hug because he knows his mums words are very stern.
‘Hello, Nurse Florence, I think you and I also need to talk and arrange your impending leave so I can cover you here at the clinic as I hear you will have your paws full’ says Mrs B.
Meanwhile, Nurse Skunkhounds, wearing her ‘woofsachi’, brain is in turmoil. ‘ I’ve heard all about matron Bearington, I thought she had retired, good lord noooooo’
She has no time to worry about that as Dr Bearington junior bursts back in. ‘Help, Nurse Skunkhound, I think I’ve got a date with Nurse Florence tomorrow, can you help me dress cool for it?’ But Nurse Skunkhound sees another opportunity to show him up….’ha ha’ she thinks. ‘Yes of course ‘