The postal ambulance arrived, comments underneath. Read on…

‘Rave in a box?’ Says nurse Florence. ‘There’s enough excitement and drama going on in this clinic with these blooming Bearingtons without someone ordering this!!’ She snaps
Dr Bearington jn finds an important note, Nurse Florence pipes down and takes the details and instructions down.
It’s off! ‘SHUSSSH!’ Dr Bearington snap’Oh look, it’s a shy casualty, she must be here for treatment ‘ says Dr Bearington senior. ‘We must look after her just as young Emily has asked, that means NO sillyness Dr Bearington junior!’s, as he listens for breath sounds….
The team greet Emily’s Bear, ‘ ooh shes a bit whiffy ‘ says nurse Skunkhound. ‘ YOU CAN TALK!!!!!’ replies nurse Florence, ‘You roll in fox poo to relax after a shift!’ Phwwwoooarrrr
Dr Bearington junior keeps out of the conversation by busying himself with the fabric for a protective suit that Emily has chosen, ‘hmmmmm, melons’ he thinks, I do wonder why nurse Florence is getting so grumpy these days?’
At this point, he gives Emily’s Bear the infamous ‘kiss of life’…. let’s get to work team!