Dr Bearington tries to multitask…Read on..

A large ambulance box arrives at the clinic, the team gather to assess the casualty.
It’s Dr Bearington juniors day with Tommy cub and has insisted he can manage work and cub minding.
Nurse Skunkhound manages to reach the casualty just as Dr Bearington junior struggles to climb up in his new restrictive doctors coat with restrictive baby Tommy cub in his papoose. ‘Get down Dr Bearington! That is not sensible with Tommy on your back!’ Says matron Bearington. ‘Ugghhh, ughhhh’ Junior mutters as he climbs.
He really shouldn’t be doing things like this Malcolm, you need to have a word with him’ matron says to Dr Bearington senior. ‘Urrrmmm, yes dear’ says Dr bearington senior. (The learnt response) Dr Bearington junior leans over and starts his kiss of life on the bodyless head.
‘Ahggghhhhhhh, what in hells tarnation!!!!!’ Dr Bearington shouts, as Tommy cub vomits cheesy half digested milk all down Dr Bearington collar.
Nurse Skunkhound is amused greatly but keeps her face straight. ‘Urgghhhh, get him off me mum!!’ He asks with his disgusted shocked face. ”MATRON!!!!” She replies ‘ we are at work'”
Somewhat relived he takes off the soiled doctors coat and gives Tommy cub to matron and continues the emergency resuscitation. Matron reiterates to Dr Bearington senior he must do something about this. ‘Urrrm, yes dear’….
Dr Bearington tries in vain to attach the head to to body. “The whole spinal cord has gone team, surgery now!’ He commands. Nurse Skunkhound seriously wonders if there’s am opening for her at another clinic….