Remember the RTA involving the cyclist bear? Read on below pics….looking for a new home now 1958 chiltern

Finished…but prior to this….mayhem!
The team present back to health Bradley with his restored bike, he is thrilled but asks for his ass and feet not to be sewn onto the frame like it had been for nearly 60yrs. ‘I like to do other things than cycle now, like being cuddled’ says Bradley ‘plus it hurt my ass crack’.
‘OK’ says Dr Bearington jn, let me show you how it works now we have tuned it up a bit. ‘MUSH!!!’ he commands nurse Skunkhound. Nurse Skunkhound, knowing he’s not holding on yet deliberately jerks forward at speed. ‘Hahaha, she thinks, get off your pedestal’….
‘Arrrgghhhh, blood and sand!’ As he tipples off the back. Skunkhound just looks on innocently, but rolling on the floor laughing out loud in her head.
Nurse Florence comes as fast as she can to help Bearington jn. Shes concerned about a head injury, soothes him and let’s him recover on her ample belly. He does not know her secret, but goes off into one of his dreamy xx memories…… ‘I must stand and look professional, he thinks to himself’ and drags himself from Florence’s comfortable chest.
When he gets up he sees Bradley the professional cyclist ready to go. ‘Be beary careful, that contraption is a death trap’ says bearington jn. In his head he thinks how at least he got a cuddle off Florence though it.