Cycle accident patient today…captions underneath pics, as I know you lot seem to love my stories 😁

Goodness!!!! Chiltern Bike bear has tumbled off his trike cornering too sharp at speed, the trauma team are quickly at the horrific scene.
‘Get this contraption off him!’ Commands Dr Bearington jn, scrub Nurse Skunkhound pushes and the Dr pulls….
It’s off! ‘SHUSSSH!’ Dr Bearington snaps, as he listens for breath sounds….
Dr Bearington senior busys himself righting the trike, muttering under his breath at all the drama Dr Bearington junior is making of the scene.
Uh oh…..the infamous ‘kiss of life is required ‘ Bearington senior cringes!
‘Quickly, scrub Nurse Skunkhound, transport this blind flat RTA casualty straight to my trauma theatre’ Will he cycle again? Watch this space…..