‘Stinky’ by name but now not by nature! Child’s naughty puppy attack victim.Wash, restuff, new heart(filled with bit of old loved stuffing)Make new muzzle, new ear and replace particularly doggy delicious Steiff tag and silky label.Stinky learnt: do not play with puppies!

Rejuvenating Spa Retreat

‘Ben’ has had a lovely rejuvenating spa retreat at the clinic today. Nurse Skunkhound ready to show him some fashions.Wash, restuff, new ‘heart’, new joints, underline holes and oversew, vintage French velvet hand and feet pads, re stitch nose, brush and comb.Team ready for next patient!

Well Loved Bear

The Bearingtons save another person’s well loved Bear. Rejuvenating spa day in Wales for this ted. He’s got a happy smile now, and one of nurse Florence’s sentimental hearts.

All the way

Doctor Bearington senior and Matron Bearington travelled all the way to Carlisle to help this frail old ted today.Washed, refilled, underlined, oversewn and strengthened, new heart, new knitted suit.

Beloved Dog

🐶 🐕 A good husband has sneaked his wife’s beloved dog to me for a sypathetic restoration for her birthday surprise. I hope she is a thrilled with him as I am.Lovely new soft belly, underlined snout with same fabric, skin grafts to bald areas on face, wash, refill and general mend.