‘Stinky’ by name but now not by nature! Child’s naughty puppy attack victim.Wash, restuff, new heart(filled with bit of old loved stuffing)Make new muzzle, new ear and replace particularly doggy delicious Steiff tag and silky label.Stinky learnt: do not play with puppies!

Rejuvenating Spa Retreat

‘Ben’ has had a lovely rejuvenating spa retreat at the clinic today. Nurse Skunkhound ready to show him some fashions.Wash, restuff, new ‘heart’, new joints, underline holes and oversew, vintage French velvet hand and feet pads, re stitch nose, brush and comb.Team ready for next patient!

Skunkhound Vintage Outfits

I took a day off today, Skunkhound sneaked with me and seems to be thrilled with her vintage purchases from various charity shops!Think she is serious about her fashion avenue for the clinic.😱 what else has she brought back? Is that a microbe hiding?