Scrub Nurse Skunkhound returns from partying hard in Ibiza after a few days of annual leave with more strays!…….

What the hell?’ Says Dr Bearington seeing scrub Nurse Skunkhound in her Ibiza party gear. ‘Dr Bearington, can you help Calvin? His head came off while raving to fat boy slim’ ‘Go get changed, right away, you look ridiculous’ he commands
Dr Bearington has no clue what language Nurse Skunkhound was speaking but sees a casualty in need with a major issue ‘NURSE FLORENCE, COME QUICK CPR!’ shouts.
Nurse Florence comes in and starts chest compressions, Dr Bearington gives his kiss of life. ‘I don’t think this is effective Dr Bearington, Nurse Florence says’
‘OK….hold that body still nurse Florence’ he says as he uses all his strength to lift the head
He fumbles trying to get the head in the right position. ‘Ooch my belly’ says Nurse Florence.
Eventually he gets the head in the right position. ‘SPANNER’ he commands to nurse Skunkhound who is not more appropriately dressed. ‘ I hope he doesn’t mean me’ she thinks, then realises he means the tool.
Heroically he tightens up the head joint, Nurse Florence swoons at his abilities, and goes off into a memory…. ‘woof, I’m Calvin’ says the casualty, which brings nurse Florence back to reality. ‘Right team the head is on, let’s book theatre to fix the rest of this beast’
Watch this space for rehoming time, needs a calm home that doesn’t play fat boy slim classics….