Dr Bearington junior is back from parental leave…Read on..

‘I think Dr Bearington junior is back today, the ‘hero’ he thinks he is who cant change a nappy I’ve heard, ha ha, parhetic’ thinks Nurse Skunkhound ‘ but I’m not sure I can cope with him heroing about and his mother matron Bearingtons old fashioned ways’
But there’s no time to contemplate, two special delivery postal ambulance casualties arrive. Dr Bearington junior has missed giving his kiss of life . ‘Good lord!!’ He exclaims, ‘ this casualty is a bit stinky of dog and has no muzzle or ear! Another dog attack victim, straight to spa then theatre nurse Skunkhound please for this one’.. Nurse Skunkhound rolls her eyes.
‘Before you get changed into those scruffy scrubs junior, I had this made for you, a proper doctors coat, please wear this over your shirt and tie while in the clinic, it’s the new policy’ says matron to him… Nurse Skunkhound sniggers.
Dr Bearington junior is not happy. ‘It’s very restrictive mum’ he says ‘MATRON, PLEASE! JUNIOR, WE ARE AT WORK’ snaps matron Bearington. Nurse Skunkhound let’s out a giggle.
‘You can also get yourself some smart shoes, those trainers just will not do!’ She adds. Bearington junior looks stunned. Nurse Skunkhound can’t stop smiling and giggling.
Dr Bearington junior turns to nurse Skunkhound as hes noticed her finding this amusing. ‘Look at you in your maids frilly hat!’ He says, much to her disgust. Nurse Skunkhound trots off quucky in silence to check on the first casualty.
‘Is that warm enough for you?’ She asks the stinky casualty forgetting he can’t reply as hes no nose or mouth…