Alley cat rescue….Read on…

Nurse Skunkhound has taken clinic tech wizard to her sisters Skunkpussys ‘Bow wow tique’ in the town.
‘I really think these fabrics here will suit you for your new shorts Lionel’ she says showing him some sparkly tiger print satin..
‘OK, you know about these things Skunkpussy, if you are sure, then yes I’ll have those made to measure, thank you’ replies Lionel.
On their way back to the clinic they have to go through the back alley.
‘Ugh its such a mess down here, it stinks, I’m going to get my uniform dirty’ says Nurse Skunkhound and huffs and tuts..
But, as she does they notice something moving slightly underneath some rubbish.
‘Whats that?’ Asks Lionel shocked.
They take a closer look…minding the dangerous things around.
‘OMG, its a ruined alley cat!!!’ States Lionel
‘It’s hardly breathing too, and look at this illegal herb here!’ says Nurse Skunkhound ‘stay here Lionel I’m going back to the bow wow tique to get help.
‘Help, sis’ days nurse Skunkhound panting to Skunkpussy’ please ring the clinic tell them we are rushing back in with a down and out alley cat, oh and I’m borrowing this blue fabric’ and she turns and rushes out back to Lionel.
Skunkpussy is stunned, but rings the clinic and informs nurse Florence.
They cover the alley cat in the fabric and make a sling.
Strong as a lion, tech wizard Lionel carries the alley cat as fast he can to the clinic.
Dr Bearington junior and nurse Florence are ready and waiting
They get the patient onto the examination table. Dr Bearington listens for a heartbeat and breath sounds. They are present but irregular…nurse Skunkhound shows Dr Bearington what they found next to the patient.
‘Ahhhaaa, that looks like super strong catnip herb!’ Says Dr Bearington ‘ this patient has overdosed, Nurse Florence get some Narcan and adrenaline fast’ Commands Dr Bearington.
He injects the alley cat with the drug.
Lionel is disturbed as he only signed up for clinic tech help, not blood guts and injections, he feels a bit faint. But distracts himself by thinking how he needs to change the clinics printer ink yet again.
The alley cat stabilises after the injection and the nurses get the patient comfortable and reassured. Watch this space…..Will be for rehoming.